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Rest In Peace

I don't have much to say but I can say I am truly heartbroken for Michael Jackson. He was only 50 years old too.

To me, Michael was so filled with wonderment and joy, I really do believe he was striving to create a better world for not just the children, but everyone. It hurts me that so many people were so focused on the molestation charges. Whether or not he did that, I don't think Michael did anything like that in an intentionally harmful way and I don't believe he was ever a real man.

Michael will always be that little boy from the Jackson 5. He will always be a bright, smiling face, bringing us hope and love through what was indeed, tremendously amazing music. He really was an incredibly talented and gifted human being. His heart was in the right place, even if his mental state of mind wasn't.

Another artist misunderstood and harshly beaten with the conformity stick. I'm glad he never gave up and I'm glad he made it so far. The entire world will miss you, Michael. We all mourn for the loss of such an extraordinary legend.

Michael Jackson Aug 29, 1958 to June 25, 2009.
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