Tori (imru2) wrote,

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Painful Test is Painful

So I hate doctors. Especially doctors that are complete jackasses, even when you've stated that you are nervous and scared of a specific test.

I hate needles, I hate being poked and prodded. I also hate being electrocuted. I don't care if it's in the name of medicine or science or anything else. It hurts. I can't close my right hand now, thanks to some fuckhead MD. My elbow hurts to bend and my shoulder and neck hurt so bad, I wanna just crawl into a hole and die...

I think my favorite part of everything is the outcome/result of the tests... Apparently my brain works just fine, which I kind of figured since its not a neurological problem. But nobody listens to me, because I'm not a doctor and because I suck at describing things through speech.
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