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Pietà was good. It truly was. ^_^

I wish it had a better art style. Oh well.

I really only started reading it because of LIFE and I never got to finish that and saw a similarity in the two, albeit small.

ARGH I dont know why, but I've been feeling really sick in my tummy lately. 0_o;; Maybe its the lack of food? I dunno. x_x

EDIT: I finally spoke to Jamie again yesterday. It was... well, it was. She got me a xmas gift. I got a jawa! ^__^b His little eyes are creepy though. I set him up on my PC's tower and the sunlight hits his eyes through the blinds and they shine. XD

In other news, last night around 3am, the people who live across the way in our apartment complex were screaming and fighting and shit. It was really loud and then I heard them hitting each other and it was going on for a really long time. So I called the police. 0_o; They came out (three cruisers) and questioned them, I suppose. And I was hoping that Yumi wouldn't come back at that precise time, I didn't want anyone to know I had called. Well they arrested one dude and then there was this couple who were with them but the cops hadn't questioned them, I guess. They stood by their car for like, 30 minutes before they gave up and went inside. I think they were trying to leave. Then after all the noise settled down and only the cops were still outside, Yumi came back to the door, whining to get in. XD

I'm pretty sure that will quiet them down for a few nights, at least. The last couple of nights, he's been firing off his air rifle at like, 3am. WTF man, you can't do that....

Well, I've got paperwork to fill out and a book to read. See ya all later.
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