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So on Monday I had my doctor's appt.

That went well, except for the taxi ride there. It ended up being $120! =_=;;

The doctor also didn't have anything to tell me other than something is wrong. Yay for helping out there... Also, he sent off for some special medicine from Tampa, because its a compound of drugs that we don't have in Jax...

Then I got home. I have my phone interview today instead of the tenth. Its at 10:20am. And then I have an MRI of my cervical spine (ie my neck) and I'm not thrilled. >_>;;

Oh and I got fired. 0_o;; Yesterday. Because of my "inability to faithfully interact with customers due to my light duty and constant health issues."

Uhm, can you be fired for being sick? If you are on worker's comp? Also, if I've worked past the 90-day probation period and don't have any write-ups can they fire me for something like this?

It's not that I'm horribly concerned, I know I should be, but I'm rather apathetic. I mean, I had already applied for partial unemployment, so if I just update it to full unemployment... lol. And I have applied for disability due to my onslaught of health problems. Seriously, some days I feel like I'm dying. Then I tell myself to stop being so worrisome and just let myself "sudden death" die like I'm supposed to. Oh yeah. My last cardio-doctor was like, "Did j00 kno that liek j00r chances of sudden cardiac death are liek omg 4x more likely?! lolololololo!!!!!!111"

=_=;; Doctors can be dickheads. And okay, maybe he didn't say it quite like that, but still. Don't tell someone with severe anxiety and panic attacks that uhm, you might randomly drop dead because of reasons nobody knows because your heart is all kinds of fucked. kthanxbai.

Okay well I have that interview soon. Wish me luck.
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