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Can't Sleep...

Well... There isn't much to do at 5am...

my appt with the new doctor is on monday at 10am! =_=;; He sent me a packet of paperwork in the mail. Its basically just a worksheet on my medical information, but really detailed. It asked a lot of questions about my pain and my injury... It did have a really nifty thing: a diagram of a unisex person on a graph. I was to color in where I feel pain. XD It was... different, the least to say. I kinda don't like things like that, all the questions make me double-guess myself and the diagram made me nervous. Like, what if I color in somewhere and I don't really feel as much pain there? I dunno, I worry about everything... Like when it was asking what kind of pain it was. As in, is it stabbing, aching, throbbing, dull, sharp, sudden, pinching, biting, or other. WTF... What if I use the wrong adjective? How can you acturately describe a pain? What if your understanding of what stabbing pain is, is different from what the doctor thinks?

Ahhh.... I don't think anyone but me thinks about these stupid questions... >_>;;

Anyhow. I finally got my certified copy of my birth certificate in the mail. ^__^b Sooo on Monday, after the doctors, I am heading to the DMV for a ID card. And maybe if I'm not too worn out, I can clean the apartment and take the animals to the vet... FLEAS! I've got fleas..... Well, they have fleas, which means I have fleas. Fuckin dog... I swear, its got to be my neighbor. My dog didn't have any flea problems until he brought his huge sweaty stinky dog into the complex. Now Yumi has fleas. So my kitten, Silvanas has fleas. Which means that my bed now is all.... -shudder- I know I'm just imagining things. But I start thinking about fleas and my entire body starts itching like fucking nuts.

So I have that, and I already bought flea-bombs and I have flea spray and shampoo. So yeah. Just have to hope I'm not so worn out by the doctor that I can't function.

I should go to bed, but I really can't sleep. My shoulder and neck are hurting way too much to lay down. T_T
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